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The DEEMON L3 BOA from Deeluxe are the ideal snow boots for freeride, backcountry and kickers. Perfect alliance between comfort and energy transfer, they are the All Mountain boots par excellence.

This model has a stiff flex and is designed for the more expert rider. It features an L3 lacing system which is a quick and easy way to tighten the boots with these 2 loops and 2 additional grips for 2 separate lacing zones. The first one wraps around the foot and calf while the second one holds the ankle and heel. This fine and optimal tightening ensures a better transmission of energy. The BOA cable tightening system provides a quick and easy way to close and adjust your boots. In addition, the Flex Booster reinforces the tongue of the boot, providing a stiffer flex and extra support. The boot features a Velcro PowerStrap to finalize the fit at the tibial ridge.

For protection against vibration and flat landings, this model features a Remedy outsole, which is particularly flexible, offering the perfect mix of traction, cushioning and response. Plus, with Custom Flex, the boots have two separate flex zones for complete control of flexibility and heel hold.

This pair of boots is suitable for all types of terrain and techniques, allowing you to ride anywhere with mastery, control and competitiveness!

Wrapping system: L3, fast, easy with grips and clasps, 2-part wrapping; foot and calf, then ankle and heel
Boa Tightening System: Millimeter tightening system for a precise, quick and comfortable fit
Strap: Power strap, extra support for the shin to improve mobility
Outsole: Remedy, softness, comfort, flex and traction
Reinforcement: BackBone: reinforced panel in the back of the shoe
Reinforcement: Double Back: Reinforced rubber spoiler in the heel area
Custom Flex: 2 separate flex zones, full control of flexibility and heel retention
D-Tex: Outer membrane to keep the foot warm and dry
Flex Booster

Flex: 8/10


43.5, 44, 45.5

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